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role model.

“By incorporating the sustainability concept into our daily living, we are aiming at contributing to an intact environment for the benefit of future generations. Moreover, the hotel serves as a role model – not only for tourism companies, but also for hotel guests”, according to Melanie Nitzlnader, owner of the hotel. 

Sustainability at Hotel Melanie

4* garni-hotel with a heart for our environment

The privately-run Hotel Melanie has been the first port of call for all those who want to spend their environmentally friendly holidays in direct contact with nature but nevertheless close to the city centre of Salzburg.

The modern furnished hotel in Salzburg Wals offers everything it needs for a relaxed stay. 

In September 2017, the Hotel Melanie was awarded the Austrian eco-label – “seal of approval for environment and quality”.

Regional and homemade

In choosing the products, which are processed at Hotel Melanie, high value is placed on regionality: from the ingredients for homemade jams to syrup and baked goods. Therefore, the bread is delivered by the local bakery Jobst and the eggs are directly purchased from family Költringer’s farm in Schleedorf. 

Furthermore, almost 100 percent of our juices and tea varieties are of organic origin, which you can enjoy as a guest at Hotel Melanie close to the gates of Salzburg.  

Since the owners of the hotel are into homemade produce, also the delicate honey that you can find at the breakfast buffet comes from their own beehives, which are to be found in their private garden. Additionally, their three bee colonies contribute to the protection of Austria’s cultural heritage as well as to its natural diversity. 

Do you prefer either a vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free diet? Just inform us before your arrival and look forward to a variety of specialties at the breakfast buffet, which will then be directly matched to your dietary needs from day one. 

In such a way the Hotel Melanie is sustainably operated

The sustainability concept runs like a common thread through the entire hotel: from its breakfast room through the wellness and spa area up to its cosy rooms.

According to the following criteria, the Hotel Melanie has been awarded the seal of approval for environment and quality: 

  • illumination: LED lights throughout the whole house do not only ensure pleasant light, but also reduce the total energy and power consumption.
  • electricity: the 4-star-hotel exclusively obtains eco-electricity.
  • air-condition: the hotel lets summer take its natural course; therefore, and for the sake of the environment, it abstains from using air-conditioning. During the warm months, our heating and cooling units are supplied with cold water and thus provide for cooling on especially hot days.
  • bathroom fittings: due to water-saving fittings in all bathrooms, water consumption is being reduced many times over.
  • warm water: 50 percent of hot water processing is done by using energy that is gained from the hotel’s own solar system.
  • waste management: waste separation goes without saying at Hotel Melanie. In addition, our breakfast buffet goes without single portion packaging to a large extent.

A heart for our staff

Forming the basic framework, employees are the highest good of each company. Therefore, workplace health promotion, which is guaranteed by the regional medical insurance company, is a common standard at Hotel Melanie. By supporting health promotion, diseases are prevented as well as health is strengthened. 

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